OnGuard Fence System Aluminum Replacement Parts

If you own or have purchased an OnGuard Fence System, you already know that this system resembles a wrought iron fence but is made from sturdy aluminum. However, since this fence requires specific parts for installation, finding replacements for the hardware you would like to change may take a lot of work.

If you’ve struggled to find the perfect part, these compatible aluminum replacement parts will perfectly fit your fence.

Aluminum Post Cap Replacements

Aluminum post caps are the perfect replacement caps that match the rest of your fence aesthetic. Fence caps protect the interior of your fence posts and stop the rain, snow, or other outdoor elements from entering the post. This post cap has a black powder-coated finish that will complement the color of your original OnGuard Fence System.

Floor Flange Replacement for OnGuard Fence System

A floor flange is a helpful companion to your OnGuard Fence System. The aluminum fence deck mount or floor flange lets you mount on wood or concrete. Secure your fence post on multiple surfaces with this valuable part. Plus, since it is made from aluminum die-cast, it has a black finish that will match your existing fence parts.

Wall Mount Brackets For Aluminum Fence Systems

On the other hand, if you have been scoping through websites looking for a wall mount bracket, multiple brackets will enhance the look of your fence and provide the stability you require. Usually, wall mount brackets connect rails to posts, allowing even fence installation. All the options below are made for ornamental aluminum fence systems and will fit your OnGuard Fence System.

Is An Adjustable Wall Mount Bracket The Better Option?

The only difference between these two types of brackets is that one is adjustable and can be moved in whatever direction, so it is flexible during installation. The included ball inside the bracket offers a better movement trajectory. So, if you are installing a vinyl fence in a difficult-to-reach place or, for some other reason, the rail needs to move, this is the better option. However, if you do not need a movable wall mount, the fixed version is still made from die-cast aluminum and has the necessary stability to connect the posts and rails.

All OnGuard Fence System Replacement Parts

If you are unsure what parts will fit your Onguard Fence System, don't hesitate to get in touch with our helpful sales representatives.

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