6 Benefits of Residential Aluminum Fence

Aluminum Fence, also referred to as Ornamental Fence, has a classic picket and rail most commonly in jet black. Made of high-quality aluminum, most aluminum fences have a protective powder-coated exterior or finish. Aluminum Fence systems are known to be one of the least vulnerable styles of fence due to their material resistance to rust and corrosion. The classic Aluminum Fence may have a flat top or the popular spear picket top and a flat bottom or a through bottom picket. Easy to spot in most communities, Aluminum Fence provides perimeter control while elevating the look of any home.

Key Benefits To Aluminum Fence

1. Rust Resistance There's no reason to worry like you would with an iron fence. Aluminum will stand the test of time against the elements.
2. Affordability It's less expensive compared to materials like iron. It's also a lot lighter.
3. Low-Maintence Wooden fences will degrade over time, whereas aluminum will last many years longer without showing signs of wear. Wooden fences usually require treatments on the wood like stains, sealants, and preservatives. Aluminum can be powder coat painted, and that's all there is to do for years.
4. Security The ability to add spear pickets adds additional security measures from intruders.
5. Uneven Terrain Compatible Many aluminum fences have the ability to rack. This means that it can contour to the slope instead of having stair-stepped sections. Many people prefer this due to its aesthetically pleasing look.
6. Variety There are countless options for the design and look of aluminum fencing. With the style, color, cap options, height, or finish, anyone can create something for any application.