Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are aluminum fences easy to clean?

    Yes! You can use household items like vinegar, hot water, and a little dish soap to get your fences looking brand new!

  2. How often do I need to replace my aluminum fence?

    The average lifespan for an aluminum fence is a little under 50 years, but components such as hinges, latches, and posts may need to be replaced along the way.

  3. How deep do holes need to be to install an aluminum fence post?

    Aluminum fence posts are recommended to be buried at 24" to ensure sturdiness against strong winds.

  4. Can aluminum fence posts sit on top of concrete?

    Yes! It is typically best practice to install aluminum fence posts on concrete. This makes pools, patios, and parking lots a perfect location for an aluminum fence.

  5. How do I attach my fence to structures like columns and buildings?

    You can easily attach aluminum fencing to a wall or deck using rail end brackets.

  6. What is the best gate latch for my pool?

    The Magna Latch Series 3 Top Pull Pool Gate Latch is the safest and most reliable option on the market for pool gate safety.

  7. Can I install my aluminum fence on an uneven surface?

    Yes. As you install your posts, ensure your rail is level. You may need to install the post deeper based on the downward slope of the area or vice versa.

  8. What gate hinges close my gate behind me?

    The TruClose series of gate hinges give you self-closing action and dual adjustability for gate weight and closing speed.

  9. How can I make my aluminum fence look better?

    Post caps add an affordable, efficient, and stylish finish to your aluminum fence. From Lighted Post Caps to Ball Post Caps, the options for styling your aluminum fence are endless!

  10. Is gate hardware included with a gate purchase?

    No. Gate Hardware does not come with a purchase of an aluminum fence, but at, you can find an entire collection dedicated to Aluminum Fence Fittings at an affordable price.

  11. How long does it take to install an aluminum fence?

    1-2 Days, depending on the size of your installation.

  12. How much force is required to break an aluminum fence?

    When properly installed, Aluminum fences are known to be as strong as wrought iron fences but can bend or bow due to their lightweight composition. Typically, humans, animals, and plants won’t compromise the structure of an aluminum fence, but you may need to replace sections after high-speed impact from any vehicle traffic.

  13. How do you make an existing aluminum fence stronger?

    There is no easy way of doing this, but you can add an extra rail across the middle of the pickets to help increase the strength or cut the sections in half and add a middle post. If you're concerned about the durability of an aluminum fence, another option would be to install a commercial or industrial aluminum fence.

  14. How do I fix a sagging aluminum fence gate?

    First, identify which gate is sagging. Next, remove the gate and tighten the top or bottom hinge according to which way the gate sags. Lastly, attach the gate to the hinge and repeat the process if further adjustment is necessary.

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