How To Install Aluminum Fence On Retaining Walls

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In most residential or commercial properties, you may have seen an aluminum fence on top or near a retaining wall. Retaining walls are usually put in place to support the soil underneath it. Mainly, retaining walls are typically used on hills or other uneven structures.

Many specifications should be followed when building an aluminum fence on a retaining wall to ensure a safe and secure process.

Municipal Regulations and Rules For Aluminum Fence

Before even considering creating an aluminum fence and retaining wall on a property, you must follow all the regulations established by the municipality or county in which you will be building. Consider the planning that will need to take place. The last thing you want is to put all your hard work into a project and then break it down because it is against certain regulations.

All countries and districts will have different laws, rules, and regulations, so be sure to check with local authorities about what you need to do to meet this compliance.

Planning and Design For Retaining Wall and Aluminum Fence

When installing a retaining wall, you must consider how the aluminum fence will fit in with the project. While occasionally, a retaining wall will already be in place, and you only need to worry about the aluminum fence, this process is much more complicated than installing a retaining wall and an aluminum fence together.

Remember that aluminum fences can withstand something called load. This refers to how much weight a fence can retain, possibly from wind, pedestrians, and sometimes vehicles. If you add the aluminum fence to the retaining wall, your retaining wall must hold the additional load of the fence. If the initial retaining wall is not created to hold a fence, the fence could sway or create a safety problem and topple completely.

Since this is a scenario you hope will not happen, the best course with an existing retaining wall is to install the fence behind the wall.

How To Install An Aluminum Fence Behind The Retaining Wall

When placing a fence behind a retaining wall, make sure three feet separate the retaining wall and aluminum fence. This installation applies less load on the wall and creates a safer fence.

Why Can’t I Install An Aluminum Fence Directly Behind The Retaining Wall?

While there are methods for placing the aluminum fence directly behind the retaining wall, it is advised that only professionals consider this process. The retaining wall must withstand the force applied to the fence. If a retaining wall is too weak, this will, once again, cause the fence to move.

Retaining walls known as gravity walls cannot hold the force from the fence, so if this is used as a retaining wall, install the fence three feet from the wall.

But What If I Install The Fence Within The Retaining Wall?

An average fence installer should not be consulted for this project. Instead, an engineer must examine the retaining wall to see if this process is possible. Much planning and design are required for a project of this magnitude. Most of the time, parts of the fence are grouted solid to ensure nothing will move.

This method is best for a project where professionals will install a retaining wall and aluminum fence at the same time. If a retaining wall is already present, post holes must be dug by hand instead of using an auger. Usually, geogrid is placed inside retaining walls to reinforce the soil. If a mechanical or hydraulic auger is used, the auger may snag the geogrid material and let unstable soil loose.

With that in mind, the best method is to place the aluminum fence three feet behind the retaining wall. However, before embarking on this project, contact the municipality and call a professional. Digging around in unstable soil is something that only a professional should attempt.

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