How to Routinely Clean and Maintain your Aluminum Fence

An Aluminum Fence Near Pine Trees

If you are looking for the best way to clean your aluminum fence, there are some simple tricks you can take with you to keep your fence looking brand new. One of the critical components of keeping your fence looking great is doing routine yearly maintenance. While aluminum fences are usually low-maintenance and do not require much afterthought, you’ll still need to remember to give it a proper deep cleaning every year.

How Do You Clean An Aluminum Fence?

To clean your aluminum fence, you’ll need a hose with water. Once you spray the aluminum fence with water, you’ll use a sponge and soapy water to clean off dirt. When you do this, make sure you use a sponge that is soft and mild dish soap.

When cleaning your fence, if you see a white powdery substance, this is a normal part of an aluminum fence and is nothing to worry about. Since aluminum fences have a coating, it sometimes can slowly come off. However, once you wash your aluminum fence, it will look as good as new. After washing the fence with soapy water, you can hose it down again, and you are officially done cleaning your fence!

How Do You Take Care Of Aluminum Hinges and Fasteners?

Depending on your hinge, you may need to oil the hinges. This can be completed with a standard lubricant, or you can use car or floor wax. Just rub the oil on the hinge until it is dry enough.

Other Things To Know Before Cleaning An Aluminum Fence

Before cleaning an aluminum fence, you should clear out any vegetation or use some ties to clear them out of the way. Also, if your fence has any corrosive damage or loose parts, you should replace these before cleaning or make a plan to paint later after you clean the fence.

Clean Your Aluminum Fence Fast!

With the right tools, cleaning a fence pretty quickly is easy. Make sure to do this every year to keep your fence in tip-top shape. If you are looking for high-quality aluminum fencing or railing, visit the links below: