What Type Of Gate Hinges Close My Aluminum Fence Gate When I Walk Away?

If you are searching for aluminum fence gate hinges that will close when you walk away, there are a variety of hinges you could try on your fence that will immediately close as soon as the gate is shut. These hinges are ideal for pool gates and other situations requiring a gate to close automatically.

What Are The Differences Between Self-Close Hinges and Soft-Close Hinges

Self-close hinges use a spring, so when a gate closes, the spring takes over and pulls the gate closed with a tap. On the other hand, a soft-close hinge has hydraulics built into it, so the hydraulics do all the work when closing a door. For most gates, self-closing hinges are used.

Do Self-Closing Hinges Meet Pool Code Requirements?

Most self-closing hinges should meet international pool safety codes. The most popular standards used for pools are BOCA/ICC building codes. Swimming pools should have self-closing hinges and self-latching gates. This is a safety regulation so that when children leave a pool area, the gate automatically closes and does not let other children inside the pool area. If you own a pool, you should follow these standards to prevent accidental drownings. Swinging doors should also open away from the pool. If you are not up-to-date with all the standards, the "Pool Code Safety Compliance For Aluminum Fences" guide will help ensure your fence and gate are secure.

Some Hinges For Aluminum Gates That Will Comply With BOCA/ICC Standards

If you are searching for reliable hinges that will comply with safety standards, several weather-resistant hinges will help you finish your gate setup. These hinges include the TrueClose Hinge, which is created out of molded polymer and stainless steel.

Elite TruClose Adjustable Self-Closing With 2 Side Legs For Aluminum Fence Gates

Elite TruClose Adjustable Self-Closing With 2 Side Legs

5 Self Closing Aluminum Hinges For Aluminum Fence Pool Gates

5" Self-Closing Aluminum Hinges For Aluminum Fence Pool Gates

Wall, Column or Post Mounted Adjustable, Self-Closing Aluminum Gate Hinge For Aluminum Fence Gates

Wall, Column or Post Mounted Adjustable, Self-Closing Gate Hinge

Will Self-Closing Hinges Keep My Pets Safe?

Just as self-closing hinges will keep your children safe, they can also stop your pets from entering the pool area without supervision. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), children ages 1 to 4 die from drowning more than other causes of death and fences on all four sides of the pool can help reduce this risk by eighty-three percent. And while there are no precise statistics about the number of pets, it is estimated that this number could be more than 4,000 a year. If you are genuinely concerned about your children and pets, a secured fence with an up-to-standards gate is the only way you will genuinely keep people safe.

Self-Closing Hinges For Aluminum Fence Gates

Self-closing hinges offer convenience by eliminating the need to close gates and provide additional safety features for where you need them the most – on your pool gates. Plus, with their durable design, they will last many years and not rust easily. Contact our helpful sales representatives today if you have any more questions about self-closing hinges.

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