Aluminum Fence Fittings and Hardware

With all the different types of aluminum fence hardware that we offer, it is important to know how to narrow down your options and to fully understand which hardware parts you need to complete your aluminum fence. Believe it or not, the hardware you choose to install will be the driving force behind your fence's security, and it should be considered just as important as the quality of the aluminum fence. Because we know to find, ordering, and replacing these vital components can be confusing, we’ve broken down the information that will be needed to make these decisions and build a better, more durable aluminum fence.

Aluminum Fence Floor Flanges and Covers

If your fence project is meant to attach to the ground, a deck, or a wall, you should look no further than our selection of Flanges. We offer Floor Flanges and Deck Mount Flange Covers in multiple sizes and designs to ensure your choice will be the perfect fit. It is ideal to invest in an accompanying cover plate for your flange. The cover plate will help protect the hardware underneath by avoiding exposure and making it last longer than without one.

Aluminum Fence Rail Ends

Like Flanges, Rail Ends are the perfect solution for affixing railing to walls, decks, or other surfaces. We offer a wide range of designs, sizes, and styles of Rail Ends. This includes Adjustable Wall Mount Brackets, Internal Rail Mount Brackets, Stationary Rail End Brackets, Stationary Wall Mount Brackets, Swivel Ball Brackets, Swivel Rail End Brackets, and Swivel Wall Mount Brackets designed to meet whatever specific railing attachment needs are required for your application.

Aluminum Fence Gate Hinges

If your fence has an accompanying gate, then you will, of course, need a set of Aluminum Fence Gate Hinges for it to function properly. Our Gate Hinge selection includes reliable brand hinges appropriate for residential and commercial settings, as well as models designed specifically for Metal, Wood, and Vinyl. We also offer heavy-duty options that are perfect for providing that extra strength and durability where you need it the most.

Aluminum Fence Latches

Just as gates need Hinges, they also require effective Latches to keep them closed. The Latches we offer are made for ensuring extra security and reliable operation; many different styles are available to guarantee you can choose the Latch which best fits your aluminum gate hardware needs.

Aluminum Fence Posts

Aluminum Fence Posts are needed to maintain the structure and stability of your fence. Because of this, they are an essential part of every fencing project. Our Fence Posts are sturdy and easy to install, making them perfect for creating a durable aluminum fence.

Types of Posts:

End Posts: These are used at the ends of fencing runs and between gates.

Corner Posts: These are used for 90-degree angled fencing runs.

Line Posts: These are used at the ends of each fence section and will be crucial for supporting aluminum fence sections.

3-Way Posts: These are used to continue a fencing run while also turning a corner.

Gate Posts: These support a gate in between fence sections. Gate posts are typically built to be sturdier than typical posts because they have to support the weight of the gate they are attached to.

Blank Posts: These are used for the non-hinged sides of a gate that does not have a fence panel attached to it. When used for the opposite side of a gate post, these typically will have a latch receiver installed onto them.

Aluminum Fence Post Caps

Like Floor Flanges, Aluminum Fence Post Caps are both stylish and functional. Aluminum Fence Posts are hollow on the inside, meaning they need to be protected from the elements that allow moisture and other debris to get trapped inside and wear down the stability of the post. Aluminum Fence Post Caps are available in multiple sizes and designs for that perfect fit and appealing finish to your fence posts.

Aluminum Fence Paint

Because these Aluminum Fences are constantly exposed to harmful natural elements such as wind, snow, rain, etc., it is sometimes necessary to touch-up specific areas to keep them looking brand new. This can be achieved by using our Aluminum Fence touch-up Paint. Aerosol Spray Paint and Touch-Up Paint Pens are easy to apply to any affected areas and restore that brand-new look to your aluminum fence hardware and even the fence itself.

Aluminum Fence Screws

Many aluminum fence hardware options require screws to fasten them in place. The Screws we offer is intended explicitly for these parts and are incredibly durable, making them the best choice for all your needs.

Aluminum Fencing is the perfect solution for both adding a touch of class, improving perimeter security and adding a layer of privacy to your yard. Maintaining and keeping up with aluminum fencing can be a daunting task, however, when choosing which hardware parts and accessories, we can assure you that choosing our selection will provide durability, ease of installation, and, most importantly, low cost. Now that you know the most common parts and accessories for aluminum fencing, Reach Out To Our Sales Team to learn more about our complete aluminum fencing parts, accessories, and hardware!

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