What Is Rackability For Aluminum Fence?

Rackability is the ability of a fence to match the slope that it's on. This works for inclines and declines. Racking avoids the unaesthetic look of stair-stepping, which has the top of the fence offset while also creating large gaps in the fencing. Aluminum fencing is a soft and malleable metal, so constructing the holes for the pickets to move is very easy for manufacturers. Manufacturers usually cut these holes before applying the powder coating of paint. Since Aluminum is lightweight, it's straightforward to install on uneven terrain. Many rackable aluminum fences can adjust to a 30-inch grade change over 6 feet.

Racking For Fences
Racking For Fences

Why Rack?

Racking generally looks better than the traditional style of stair-stepping. It creates a much smoother look since the top of the fence is parallel to the ground the whole time. This helps match the clean look many people look for in their homes. Racking is also less time-consuming than traditional fencing for slopes.

Ease of Racking

With the holes already cut in place, you must apply pressure to one side of the fence to "rack" it. That's it. No need to adjust each individual picket. Each picket will be uniform since they have the same room for adjustment.

Types of Racking

Racking depends on the size of the gap/hole next to the picket. Basically, the larger the gap, the higher degree of angle in which it can adjust.

  1. Standard Racked: This type of racking is great for properties that have little to no gradation. It's best to choose this option at least because even subtle inclines/declines may cause uneven installation.
  2. Double Punched: Double Punched, or sometimes called Double-Racked, has larger holes next to each picket allowing it to adjust to a higher degree of angles. This may be a better option if the yard or property has a slope of around 16 inches over 6 feet.
  3. Triple Punched:Triple Punched or Triple-Racked fences are going to have the largest hole next to the pickets. This allows it to contour to even the harshest slopes.

What is racking for fences?

Aluminum Fence By Style And Rackability

Aluminum Fence Type Grade Change
Canton Up To 16" Over 6'
Olmsted Up To 16" Over 6'
Hamilton 7" - 10" Over 6'
Canfield Up To 16" Over 6'
Parma Up To 16" Over 6'

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